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Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers
By Kwame Anthony Appiah


Kwame Anthony Appiah discusses Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers at UC Santa Barbara

Of Cosmopolitanism at the New York Review of Books

Thoughts on Cosmopolitanism at bythebayou.com

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asian overground


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Children's Rights International

Featured Country Sept '06:

Global identity can be understood as consciousness of an international society or global community transcending national boundaries, without necessarily negating the importance of state, nation or domestic society. Global identity can be understood, not as replacing national identity, but as being additional or supplementary to it, and hence one can formulate a multilayered sense of belongingness.

-- Hatsue Shinohara, Evolution in Global Identity: The League of Nations and the United Nations.

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Imagined-community.com is dedicated to exploring and promoting global community and identity by using cyberculture (and its global, transnational, virtual community) as a conduit for creating real world, material local/global identities. Through glocalization -- by gathering and sharing information about local interests, culture, and politics rooted in very historic places and nations -- this site aims to inspire, cajole, and motivate people to engage in cross-cultural dialogues and activities beyond the virtual world of cyberspace.

Each month, beginning in September, imagined-community will feature a different country, suggesting ways we can allow ourselves to be affected by and learn from different cultures in cyberspace AND do hands on work in local communities all over the globe.

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But what does "global citizenship" mean, you ask? Below are some attempts at providing a definition...

Read -- Are You a Global Citizen?, By Michael Byers

Read -- Young People's Views: What is it to be a Global Citizen?

Listen -- Audio: Professor Ahmed Samatar, James Wallace Professor of International Studies of Macalester College discusses the meaning of global citizenship

Read -- Globalization and Autonomy Compendium: Citizenship

Read -- Cosmopolitan Global Citizenship, Katherine Betts, Associate Professor of Sociology at Swinburne University of Technology

Read -- Nancy Bacon, Redefining Citizenship for Our Multicultural World

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